This truly is The Highest Chocolate…


THC Chocolate Bars


Milk Chocolate

Our Milk Chocolate is a special blend of 3 separate chocolates. Each adds to the rich chocolate taste and the creamy texture of this delicious bar.

Available in 100mg THC Bar & 10mg THC Mini

Dark Chocolate

We blend 2 distinct dark chocolates together to arrive precisely at a 72% cocoa blend. You will experience a crisp snap every time you break off a perfectly tempered piece to let it slowly melt in your mouth.

Available in 100mg THC Bar & 10mg THC Mini

That’s a Spicy Dark Chocolate

This is more than a piece of chocolate. It is a culinary experience we bring the flavors of 2 continents and 4 countries together to give you this Molè inspired treat. From fresh local organic spice mills, we gather Sri Lanken cinnamon for its earthy spice, Indian cayenne for the subtle heat you feel on the back of your pallet, and Mexican chipotle for its distinctive smokey undertones. Lastly, we add a hint of organic Italian tangerine oil for a bit of sweetness.

Available in 100mg THC Bar & 10mg THC Mini