Green Line



Greenline is an award-winning licensed cannabis cultivation company based in Monterey, CA. We are the original creators of the super-potent ‘Orange Tree’ and ‘Bananimal’ strains. Greenline’s philosophy is simply stated: Provide the highest quality cannabis for medical and recreational use at a reasonable price point. Our three head growers alone bring over 70 years of experience and innovation, allowing us to provide some of the finest top-shelf cannabis. All of our cannabis is grown hydroponically with the utmost precision and care.



Greenline makes flowers, prerolls cannabis products for sale in California. Greenline is known for strains like Orange Tree, Girl Scout Cookies, Super Glue, Gelato #41, Orange Tree. If you want to buy Greenline online from a dispensary near me, there might be some on the shelves here at Mission Organic Center.